Pallet Rack Inspections in Sioux Falls

Watch Out For Damaged Pallet Racking

If your facility has forklifts, the chances are pretty good that you also have damaged pallet racking. Does the above image look familiar? We’re now offering on-site inspections of your selective racking system. All types of racking have standards which must be met, and we can determine if your racking is compliant.

Our inspections include measurements made to exact specifications. Damage assessment reports include photos and recommendations to help your company make the best choices regarding safe, compliant and profitable operation of your storage facility.


  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Agriculture
  • General Industry
  • Transportation
  • Utilities
  • Insurance
  • Municipal & Government

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Dangerous or Stable?


There’s enormous liability in guessing wrong. We’re now offering comprehensive racking inspections to provide you with answers to your questions. Catastrophic collapse is incredibly dangerous, costly and can put a stop to your operation on a long-term basis.


Tony Drovdal

Tony Drovdal is a retired Sioux Falls Fire Captain and Emergency Medical Technician. He has been involved in public safety and training first responders and civilians in all aspects of safe work operations since the early nineties.

Tony has multiple certifications relevant to public safety and also to Occupational Health and Safety in private industry. He has taught classes for many years in most aspects of the three main categories of OSHA relevant to this geographical area (Ag, General Industry, and Construction).

Tony has acted as the “safety department” for companies that are in an upstart or growth mode and cannot afford a full time safety person, or for those that don’t understand what regulations apply to them.


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