Sioux Falls Safety Service Plans

Sioux Falls Safety Solutions

Tier 1

  • Review of existing safety manual, offer recommendations
  • 2-hour training or quarterly review session 
  • Up to TWO consultation emails or phone calls per month

Tier 2

  • Review and update existing Safety Manual
  • 2-hour review/training session/job site inspection every TWO months
  • Up to THREE consultation emails or phone calls per month

Tier 3

  • Creation of a custom safety manual
  • Monthly 2-hour review/training session/job site audit 
  • Up to FOUR consultation emails or phone calls per month
  • Annual Workplace Assessment

Tier 4

Tier 5

DOT/ FMCSA assistance is available. We have resources that can help your company maintain compliance with your trucking, delivery, and other commercial vehicles. Additional fees may apply after a needs assessment is completed. Contact us for details!


Safety Management Service

GENERAL: This service includes an on-site visit by the Safety Consultant. Each  business should designate one or more staff members to act as the safety liaison(s).

INITIAL VISIT: On the first visit, the Safety Consultant will carry out a general review of the current safety management systems of the business, with identification of the gaps and priority areas to work on initially. A general Action Plan will be drafted, and the priority issue to be addressed will be identified. A plan of action will be set in motion with the determination of what steps will be completed by whom and within what timeframe.

FOLLOWING VISITS: At each workplace visit, the Safety Consultant will review the previous actions with the team and get feedback on the completed actions. If any priority issues have arisen since the last visit, these will be addressed, dependent on the urgency and followed by the actions on the plan where time permits.

Please note: the goal of this program is to ensure that your safety management systems are established, effective and meeting the business needs. However, if other priority issues arise, the action plan will need to be revised and the allocated time as per your package will be used to address this issue, e.g. if the next session is on risk management and a complex injury investigation arises and the business requires assistance, then risk management would be moved to the next meeting.

Service Could Include Any of the Following:

  • Consultation, mentoring and coaching
  • Development of policies and procedures
  • Safety issue awareness and assessment
  • Attend consultation meeting per client request
  • Safety briefing or training sessions
  • Auditing and reviewing safety management
  • Incident/injury investigation
  • Support with employee injury management/return-to-work

Sioux Falls Safety Assessments

What is a Safety Management System?

As an owner or manager, commit to creating a safe environment for your employees. Make safety a core value of your company!

Develop written policies and procedures, checklists, audit forms and create accountability for your employees and yourself.

Create a training program that ensures your employees are prepared to face the challenges of the day. Training saves lives!

On-site inspections, equipment readiness checks, see an issue and assign someone to follow up. Continuous improvement!

 When issues are identified, find the root cause and fix them! Re-train employees and document everything!

Annual Workplace Assessment

WALK THROUGH SAFETY INSPECTION ON THE PREMISES. The Safety Consultant, accompanied by the designated safety liaison, will carry out a physical audit of the workplace premises and make recommendations.


Annual Safety Systems Review

The Safety Consultant will spend a ½ day reviewing the business safety records and develop a basic report with recommendations.


Annual Workers Compensation Review

The Safety Consultant will spend a ½ day reviewing the worker compensation records of the business and provide general recommendations.


Injury Management Support Service

In the event of a workplace injury the Safety Consultant will provide information, advice and strategies on how to manage the case or claims.


Annual Safety Management Systems (SMS) Review

The Safety Consultant will conduct a full day audit of the system and develop a report with recommendations (value $3,000).